logo design

Product: Creative Designs

Services: Web design

Other things: Creation of flyers for advertisement

Sunday, November 11, 2007
We are excited about the website proposal chosen last week. We are in charge of collaborating the photos for the new website. We want to know more specifics about what type of pictures Shelby would like to have. It will be a busy week because two members of the group, Casey and myself, leave for a swim meet mid-week. We will try to gather ideas before we leave. In general, we are excited to get this new site underway!
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
We have had a blast making our web site and we are really glad that you have picked one that you think is great for the Habitat web site. Is there any way we can have pictures of the items being sold and of volunteers that help build the house? We think that by having pictures or happy people that are volunteering, it will encourage others to do the same.
Sunday, October 21, 2007
So far our group has met up twice this pass week and in our meetings we were able to discuss ideas we would like to present to Shelby and what we plan on doing to help expand those ideas from going to other nonprofit websites to see what we like to borrow and apply to the habitat website to who will be contacting shelby and finding out more information on what she wants from the website.
Monday, October 8, 2007
Ethical Lapse
Last March, the Harvard Medical School was cited for unethical procedures in their research field. Any institution receiving federal funding for research is required to use an IRB. The IRB demanded that eight of the 25 inspected experiments required more scrutiny. Three of the other experiments in question were flagged during the audit for using inappropriately technical language in their consent forms. The IRB also asked Harvard to put a more racially diverse group of reviewers on board because the majority of them were white males. Although, these infractions were minimal when compared to UPenn & Duke, where the National Insititue of Health actually had to freeze research.
Thursday, September 27, 2007
Progress so far!
Casey,Delong and myself have had a few meetings so far discussing our team name and our team logo for our website. We have came up with an eye-catching design for our name, Defining,Living, Caring. We really think that our website should be aesthetically pleasing before we start adding our content. In two weeks, we have interviews in class to help us prepare for our real interview with our job. We won't have class then, so we plan on having 2 group meetings to discuss some of the next steps in our creation process. We can't wait to get our website underway!
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Our group name is based on our three first name initials, DeLong, Lauren, and Casey, and out of that we made the words Defining, Living, and Caring. These are all aspects that we need to focus on when we are working with Habitat for Humanity. Each of the members in our group has a job to do that will help us out. DeLong is going to be the writer of the group. He will be writing most of the information and putting all of our information together into one document. Lauren will be the graphic designer and work with the computer and the layout of our project. I will be working in the public relations department. I will ask questions and also document what is said and when it is said. We are still working on the layout of our project and will later tell you more about what we have and why we picked it.